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Munehiro Takashi-
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Ev (Vaporeon), Clairence (Cyndiquil)

The main character of the story (Although, there's plenty
of parts that don't have to do with him/don't deal with him
 directly). He's a young teenage guy that has a special
kind of "insight" that let's him see a pokemon's inner self
 (and of course, hold conversation with), but is cooly
unconcerned with this gift claiming all he wants to do is
become a trainer.

Personality is actually a timid guy, although he wants to
and likes to try to be the hero, so it's a good thing he
has his Pokemon to help him along and steer him in the
right direction, or else he'd be lost...

Ev Ev (Vaporeon) - Age Appearence: 18 Gender: Male Trainer: Taka EV1thumbnail Taka's first Pokemon and longtime friend, Ev, is a really high-maintenance kinda guy. He appears flamboyant, and acts very moody sometimes but most of the time just seems kinda pissed off one way or another. (He's really hard to make happy, let's say) Ev usually ends up taking the confident roles. Under his harsh exterior though, he truly cares for Taka and would do anything for him-and ends up having to constantly take care of him.
Clairence Clairence (Cyndiquil) - Age Appearence: 12 Gender: Male Trainer: Taka A very cute, small, and timid Cyndaquil. Taka and Ev really don't know that much about him so he's mysterious, but has a very cute charisma. So, although he may be clinging on to Ev's arm, he still seems to be harboring a dark past.

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